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Set Design

AnsheThe graphics artists of IMVU made creating the virtual realities of Cardiff a joy. Join me in thanking these artists for their careful attention in crafting these beautifully detailed IMVU rooms.

  • Cardiff Harbor - Baroque Garden by Anshe
  • Palace Ballroom - *CB*LuminousBallroom by CaitlinDarkken
  • Arena Stage - Arena Stage by Keef

Many other artists also contributed to these scenes through beautifully crafted items of furniture. Visit The DragonRunes Cycle characters or the author, Trista Wilde, on IMVU to discover more.



rozeNwaterMy characters found themselves strongly drawn to styles of particular designers. Discover the favorite IMVU designers of DragonRunes characters:

Axxil Byrd Lord Reece Conwy
Jenner Schumann Nero Aldrik
Gemini Quantas Ziggy Szabo

The author, Trista Wilde, would like to recognize her favorite pair of designers: ShephonSionnach and Abathyr.

Thanks also to the ubiquitous SAL for their many contributions.

We purchase IMVU credits through Cassiopeia.




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