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Character Profiles - Lord Reece Conwy
Character Profiles - Lord Reece Conwy

Lord Reece ConwyLord Reece Conwy has been gaining a reputation as one of the baddest Blues singers in the City. What's that? He's too young to really sing the Blues, you say? Perhaps not. Palace insiders say this mystery man lives under the protection of the Royal House - in unofficial exile from his father's Court in County Conwy.

Thus far Lord Reece has not addressed the controversy surrounding him and the Conwy family offers "No Comment" to all inquiries.

- Adapted from The Cardiff Chronicle DragonSinger Festival Guide, Nov 1465




The Animals: Blues Rock

Lord Reece is influenced by the gutsy blues rock of The Animals. This music combines a typical 12-bar blues structure and traditional bluesy vocal and instrumental improvisations with Rock & Roll. Blues rock bands are often comprised of electric guitar, bass guitar, drum kit and a piano or organ. Tube amplification commonly provides the music with an overdriven character. - The Animals on Wikipedia


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