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Character Profiles - Axxil Byrd
Axxil Byrd

Axxil ByrdAxxil Byrd is one of three women competing in the DragonSquad Tournament this year. Her excellence as a swordswoman can be attributed to her tutelage under the late General Zeno. The General adopted Axxil after the death of her parents, the late Palace librarians Dale and Harmony Byrd.

After completing two years of study in Philosophy at the Academy, Axxil left to pursue a career in the Army. Her favorite sports are hiking and rock climbing.

- Adapted from The Cardiff Chronicle DragonSquad Tournament Program Insert, Nov 1465




Dusty Springfield: Blue-eyed Soul

In The DragonRunes Cycle, Axxil's passionate nature is influenced by the blue-eyed soul of Dusty Springfield. Blue-eyed soul is soul music performed by white artists. These artists combine elements of pop, R&B, soul and gospel music. As in other forms of gospel, handclaps and extemporaneous body movements are common and used to emphasize the catchy rhythms. - Dusty Springfield on Wikipedia

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