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Fame - Volume One of The Dragon Runes Cycle
Citizens of Cardiff
  Each of the major characters of The DragonRunes Cycle is associated with the sound of a particular musical act of the 1960's-70's British Invasion era. Learn more about the novel's characters and the musical styles associated with them by selecting the links below.  
Jenner Schumann & The Kinks Nero Aldrik and The Zombies
Learn more about Jenner Schumann & The Kinks Learn more about Nero Aldrik & The Zombies
Short History of DragonSingers Lord Reece Conwy and The Animals
Learn more about Lord Reece Conwy & The Animals
Ziggy Szabo and David Bowie Gemini Quantas and The Rolling Stones
Learn more about Ziggy Szabo & David Bowie Learn more about Gemini Quantas & The Rolling Stones
Axxil Byrd and Dusty Springfield Short History of DragonWards
Learn more about Axxil Byrd & Dusty Springfield
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