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Buy The DragonRunes CycleThe DragonRunes Cycle is a fictional flashback to an imaginary time and place where the undeniable power of music holds sway.

The voices of the DragonSingers possess many of the same powers a singer might in our world - they delight and unite the citizens of Cardiff, the city they call home. But their Songs contain even greater power when they mount the fearsome dragons that form the city's first line of defense. Then their Songs allow the dragons to unleash elemental forces, such as fire, ice and wind upon Cardiff's foes.

The characters in Cardiff were developed in conjunction with a playlist of 1960's-70's Rock n' Roll music. Both the basic style of music (punk, blues, etc.) and the mythology of certain songs help define character arcs and contribute to the plot line of the series.



The DragonRunes Cycle began as a thought experiment atributable to legendary filmmaker Danny Boyle. In the commentary for his film "Sunshine", Mr. Boyle mentioned that, in spite of the many advances in modern film visuals, it was still the soundtrack that carried much of the emotional punch of the film. It occured to me that this was a real drawback for traditional literature and I took it upon myself as a challenge to attempt to intertwine as much music as possible into this series of books. Like the plot of Christopher Nolan's popular movie "Inception," this apparently innocent idea has now gradually taken over my life...not to mention the lives of everyone in Cardiff!

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