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Character Profiles - Gemini Quantas
Gemini Quantas

Gemini QuantasGemini Quantas graduated with honors from the Cardiff Academy with a Masters degree in Musical Engineering. As a graduate student, his contributions to the field of amplified percussives were much applauded. His musical innovations will now be put to use kitting up the very DragonSinger stage where he is soon scheduled to appear.

Gemini supports the Couture Closet, which provides qualifying theatre companies and other local artists access to pre-owned designer apparel. Some may be familiar with the Quantas name via Gemini's mother; fashion-forward couture designer Annette Quantas.

- Adapted from The Cardiff Chronicle DragonSinger Festival Guide, Nov 1465




The Rolling Stones: R&B Rock

The Rhythm & Blues Rock & Roll of The Rolling Stones is the influence for the character of Gemini. With this style of music, the rhythmic interplay of simple repetitive parts often produces lovely hypnotic textures. Rhythm & Blues vocalists are expected to bring a passionate emotional engagement to the lyrics while still retaining a sense of control and keeping their cool. - The Rolling Stones on Wikipedia


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